It’s super easy! To take advantage of bonus podcasts after the initial 2-week claim period, we require that you include a Podcoin callout in your podcast on the following schedule and that you also post about Podcoin across your social media channels.

Each episode containing a Podcoin callout will entitle you to another 2 weeks of featuring! Here’s the schedule:

  • First 3 episodes: 30-60 sec long host-read mid-roll

  • Next 3 episodes: 20-30 sec long host read pre-, post-, or mid-roll (you choose!)

  • Next 3 episodes: 30-60 sec long host-read mid-roll

  • Next 3 episodes: 20-30 sec long host read pre-, post-, or mid-roll (you choose!)

  • Repeats endlessly :)


We’ve included below some samples. The important thing is it sounds natural to you and feels like a personal endorsement from you and includes these key points:

  • Like [YOUR-PODCAST-NAME]? Well, the Podcoin app pays you to listen to this podcast and every podcast. It’s the podcast player that pays.

  • Just get the Podcoin app on iPhone or Android. It’s free and super easy to use.

  • You can use the Podcoin you earn to claim gift cards or donate to charity

  • It literally is amazing. It turns your podcast listening into charity, or if you like just get some Amazon or Starbucks gift cards

  • I use the Podcoin app to to do all my podcast listening now, and I love it. Got get it on the App Store on Android today.

  • Seriously, just go get the Podcoin app and use invite code [YOUR-PODCAST-NAME]. You’ll get 300 Podcoin just for signing up if you use my code. That’s 300 Podcoin just for signing up if you use code [YOUR-PODCAST-NAME]

  • Go give the Podcoin app a try today.

Here are some sample scripts, but you are free to make something work using the points above:

Both Rewards and Charity: Alright people, I have to tell you about something I was blown away by and is going to change the way you listen to podcasts. We discovered this new free app called Podcoin, that literally pays you to listen to Podcasts! You can listen to our show or any of your favorite Podcasts and earn Podcoin while you listen, and then you can use that Podcoin and exchange it for valuable rewards like Amazon and Starbucks gift cards, or even donate the Podcoin to a charity. I already got my self something nice with one of the gift cards I earned just for listening and you can too! Download Podcoin in the app store or on Android and use our special code <code> to get a Podcoin sign up bonus.

Charity Focused: Okay everyone, you all know how important charity is to me and how I love to support various causes (or insert specific cause here), so I was blown away when I discovered this new app Podcoin that lets you donate to charities with a currency you earn just for listening to my podcast or any podcast! On Podcoin you earn their digital currency Podcoin just for listening to Podcasts! You can then donate your podcoin to charities who will get real-money donations. You can choose to save your Podcoin over time and exchange it for other rewards like Amazon and Starbucks gift cards! So download Podcoin in the app store or on Android and use our special code <code> to receive 300 Podcoin just for checking it out.

You can condense this message for the pre- and post-roll options by following the feedback above, but only after first running 3 mid-roll ads.

StEp Two: Post in social Media

When you claimed your podcast we sent you a sticker to use in your social media that includes your code. Please post that image and some text to your fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may customize the post as you see fit, if consistent with the best practices on this page.

Text: Fans of SHOWNAME, get the Podcoin app, it’s the only podcast player that actually PAYS you to listen. It’s legit. You can even turn your podcast time into charity you like. It’s the only way I listen now!

Here is the sticker you should have received, excepts with your code name.

Step three: notify us

Once you’ve published your RSS feed containing the ad and confirmed that you posted your social media posts, be sure to notify us so we can confirm the ad and the posts and set your podcast to a bonus podcast for 2 weeks.

That’s all there is to it. We can’t wait to see your podcast at the top of Podcoin!