Podcoin Must Go :(

It's with a heavy heart that we announce that the experiment that is Podcoin will be shutting down as of Sept 24.

We had a lot of fun building the app and working with podcasters and helping to grow the podcast listener community, but unfortunately Podcoin just failed to sustain momentum. We did learn A LOT, and we'll be applying it to a future app. THANK YOU to all the podcasters and listeners who made Podcoin special. We are so sorry to see it go, but the app will be shutting down on Sept 24.

We believe stories help us find meaning, they make us more emotionally in touch, and they make us more human. Keep listening to stories -- to all you podcast fans out there, we recommend https://castbox.fm/ to keep the storytelling going, but there are many other good options too. Thank you for supporting Podcoin -- we'll miss you!

May Donation Makes The News!

Here’s how much your listening mattered in May! You not only set a new record for monthly donation, you also made the news with your giving! This year your listening has donated tens of thousands of US dollars to charity!

Here’s the impact you had in May …

  • 160 hours of childhood cancer research

  • 258 days of HIV treatment!

  • 21.8 million grains of rice!

  • 37 tons of C02 removed from the atmosphere

  • 117 acres of rain forest

  • 630 pounds of pet food

  • 50 pounds of teddy bears

  • 218 books for children

  • 25,000 gallons of drinking water

  • 756 square feet of blankets for the homeless

Podcoin and Sweatcoin Unite to Fight Childhood Cancer

Thanks to the generosity of both Podcoin and Sweatcoin, we will raise money to help children get the support and resources they need in their fight against cancer. Podcoin and Sweatcoin demonstrate the good social apps can achieve when they promote world positive endeavors. Sweatcoin promotes fitness, and Podcoin promotes storytelling, and both apps have communities that want to translate those activities into life-changing outcomes.
— Jay Scott, Co-Executive Director of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Biggest Donation BY FAR!

Your listening has never mattered more! This was by far our biggest monthly donation yet! Here is what your listening helped to accomplish last month:

  • 97 hours of childhood cancer research

  • 180 days of HIV treatment!

  • 14 million grains of rice!

  • 23 tons of C02 removed from the atmosphere

  • 73 acres of rain forest

  • 625 pounds of pet food

  • 75 pounds of teddy bears

  • 175 books for children

  • 14,000 gallons of drinking water

  • 388 square feet of blankets for the homeless


“The million dollar question for a podcaster now is ‘How do you reach people?’ “ said Kevin Chemidlin, creator of the popular “Philly Who?” podcast. “It is entirely decentralized.

Podcoin is an interesting approach, he said, since it incentivizes both listeners and podcasters to be in the same place. It’s also the exact opposite of Luminary, which launched with some issues last week but offers exclusive, popular podcasts for a subscription fee.
— Philadelphia Business Journal
Read the full article >>

Read the full article >>

Entrepreneur Magazine profiles Podcoin!

It’s a dream as old as time: Get paid for doing exactly what you normally do with no extra effort whatsoever.

Geoff Cook, founder of Podcoin, aims to make that a reality with what he calls a “loyalty points program” for podcast listeners. The platform, which launched in January 2019, pays each user one “podcoin” for every 10 minutes spent listening -- or between $0.015 and $0.04, depending on your frequency of usage and which podcasts you listen to. Users can cash out via gift cards to outlets like Amazon and Starbucks or use their earnings to make charitable donations.


3 Tricks to market your podcast for free

600 new podcasts launch every day. You need to breakthrough, and you need to do it for free. Here’s 3 simple strategies to spike your listening minutes that won’t cost you a dime …

trick #1:  Claim your podcast on Podcoin and watch your listening stats go through the roof.

What’s Podcoin you ask? Besides being the most reliable ticket to spiking your listeners and listening minutes, it’s also the most popular loyalty points program for podcasts.

Podcoin is the only podcast player that rewards listeners with a virtual currency called Podcoin. What’s more, Podcoin delivers giant engagement to podcasters that claim their podcasts on the service, all for free.

If you were an author looking to build buzz, you’d do book giveaways on Amazon’s Goodreads. But you’re a podcaster with that same problem: “How to build buzz?” And that’s what Podcoin solves: it puts you in front of tens of thousands of listeners who would never find you otherwise, and it helps you build up your listening community faster than any other free product in the market.

Just download the free app on iPhone or Android and create an account. Then, submit this form to claim your podcast for free. Within a day or two, you’ll be up and running as a bonus podcast, and you’ll be able to track your listening minutes, listeners, subscribers, and more, all for free.

Here’s a few example screens of how it works. Your podcast will be marked as a bonus podcast. You’ll have access to deep analytics on listening time, listeners, and subscribers, and you’ll even be able to see the profile photos of who is listening. Coming soon, you’ll be able to send push notifications to them and moderate your own community, all for free.

So what are you waiting for? It’s the #1 tip in this article for a reason :) Download the app on iPhone or Android and create an account. Then, submit this form to claim your podcast for free.

trick #2: Be my guest! Choose guests with big social media followings.

Guests that tell interesting stories are good, but you know what’s better … guests with BIG social media followings. But not just any followings.

You want guests that not only have big follower and fan counts, but that also have big engagement on those posts.  Before you even interview the guest, you should get them to agree to post the episode at least twice in every one of their social media channels, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat.

The first post should say how great the interview was and how you can’t wait for it to come out. It should post a few days before the episode is live.

The second post should say the episode is available, and how great it is, and that everyone should listen right away.

Of course, the guests you can get are directly related to the size of your own podcast and social media following, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a strategy that can grow with you, and if you want to grow your podcast downloads, kick start it by claiming your podcast on Podcoin, so you can get bigger and bigger guests…

trick #3: Know your song well before you start singin’

Make yourself the perfect podcast guest. Have your story down. Know your anecdotes cold. Seem interesting and then be interesting. As Bob Dylan would say: “I'll know my song well before I start singin'.”  

Listen to the podcasts you’d like to be on, and don’t shoot too high, but any show you do decide to do, it better have an audience that cares about your podcast and might want to listen.

Don’t do cold reach outs if you can avoid it, find someone mutually known, and if you have to reach out cold, then make it the best cold reach out ever. Perfect the message, do your homework. Show you are a listener.

Then, if you are chosen, put in the time to prepare the perfect anecdotes and rehearse the perfect delivery. Like everything in life, at the bottom, the answer is always put in the work. But if you do have a good podcast, and you promote it on Podcoin, and you recruit better and better guests, and you put yourself out there on other podcasts with relevant audiences, lo and behold, you might get lucky, you might just punch above your weight, you might break out, and even if you don’t, you’ll have a lot more listeners than you have today.

I just want to say thanks. I’m really impressed with the app. I had the most listeners in 1 day ever today! Top stuff. I’m looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Podcoin!
— Adam of the Geeky Retro Nerds Podcast

Now THAT'S a Donation!

Podcoin supports the causes our members care about the most! We just donated for the months of February and March, and the impact has never been greater. Here is what your listening helped accomplish:

  • 173 days of HIV treatment!

  • 16 million grains of rice — that’s a lot of rice!

  • 17 tons of C02 removed from the atmosphere

  • 71 acres of rain forest

  • 600 pounds of pet food

  • 1200 minutes of childhood cancer research

  • 83 pounds of teddy bears

  • 225 books for children

  • 17,000 gallons of drinking water

  • 608 square feet of blankets for the homeless

Keep on listening and THANK YOU!

You can always learn more about our giving here.

Your Generosity Blows Us Away!

Your generosity blows us away. More Podcoin was donated in January than in any previous month. Here’s what your listening accomplished …

  • 78 days of HIV treatment!

  • 4.8 million grains of rice — that’ s a lot of rice!

  • 9,240 pounds of C02 removed from the atmosphere

  • 20 acres of rain forest

  • 220 pounds of pet food

  • 8,000 seconds of childhood cancer research

  • 27 pounds of teddy bears

  • 60 books for children

  • 6500 gallons of drinking water

  • 196 square feet of blankets for the homeless



Each month in our giving update we will spotlight one of our awesome charities that your Podcoin helps to support ...

Alex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, when she was just a year old. In 2000, at 4-years-old, Alex announced she wanted to hold a lemonade stand to raise money to help find a cure for other children with cancer. In her lifetime, Alex would go on to raise over $1 million before she passed away in 2004 at the age of 8. Since then, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised more than $150 million toward fulfilling Alex’s dream of finding a cure, funding over 800 research projects nationally.

Alex's dad Jay sits on Podcoin's advisory board and serves as Co-Executive Director of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. He is also a proud father to three sons, Patrick, Eddie and Joey. Jay works alongside his wife Liz and the amazing ALSF staff, board of directors, sponsors and supporters to continue the fight against childhood cancer, one cup at a time.

Podcasts Matter and So Do YOU!

In just 1 month, this is what your listening accomplished … Thanks to everyone for giving during the DOUBLE DONATION DECEMBER!!! Your listening matters!

  • 69 days of HIV treatment!

  • 6 million grains of rice — that’ s a lot of rice!

  • 10,000 pounds of C02 removed from the atmosphere

  • 27 acres of rain forest

  • 400 pounds of pet food

  • 5,700 seconds of childhood cancer research

  • 15 pounds of teddy bears

  • 50 books for children

  • 3000 gallons of drinking water

  • 145 square feet of blankets for the homeless

Idea FOR PODCOIN Spawned From Speech at Princeton University

In April, 2018, Geoff first suggested the idea for an incented listening platform at a presentation he gave to Princeton University students. In the talk, Cook proposed the “Framework of Good & Evil,” an ideation process that Cook developed. Podcoin is the direct result of that process.

Cook’s Framework of Good & Evil

  1. Combine at least one deadly sin with at least one heavenly virtue. Podcoin’s sin is greed and it’s virtue is charity (and temperance)

  2. Find a parade and jump in front of it.

  3. Add a novel twist by connecting one parade with an unrelated parade. Podcoin combines 3 parades: Podcasts, Gamification, and Social

  4. Exploit known hacks of human algorithm in pursuit of a fundamental good, in this case emerging storytellers and long-form content.