Idea FOR PODCOIN Spawned From Speech at Princeton University

In April, 2018, Geoff first suggested the idea for an incented listening platform at a presentation he gave to Princeton University students. In the talk, Cook proposed the “Framework of Good & Evil,” an ideation process that Cook developed. Podcoin is the direct result of that process.

Cook’s Framework of Good & Evil

  1. Combine at least one deadly sin with at least one heavenly virtue. Podcoin’s sin is greed and it’s virtue is charity (and temperance)

  2. Find a parade and jump in front of it.

  3. Add a novel twist by connecting one parade with an unrelated parade. Podcoin combines 3 parades: Podcasts, Gamification, and Social

  4. Exploit known hacks of human algorithm in pursuit of a fundamental good, in this case emerging storytellers and long-form content.