Man when we got boosted last week on a new episode day, we got almost 800 downloads in that day alone. I’d kill to have those numbers again. We are getting close to 30k downloads. It’s insane! Thanks to Podcoin we made the jump from 3.5k downloads to 8.5k in ONE WEEK.
— Richard Hunt. Toys Were Us Podcast

Thank you so much! Your boosts have seriously helped with our numbers! I have enjoyed the experience greatly so far!
— Robert Pollack, 2 Nerds and a Joke Podcast

I just wanted to say thanks. I’m really impressed with the app. I had the most listens in 1 day ever today! Top stuff. I’m looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Podcoin.
— Adam, Geeky Retro Nerds Show Podcast

I’ve gained quite a few more listeners and subscribers. Love Podcoin.
— Sam Webber, Elevated Thought$ Podcast

This is an absolutely amazing and ingenious idea! We’ve already begun sharing it across our networks and it’s gained quite some traction on Instagram. MANY MANY THANKS. This is just bloody brilliant!
— Dr. Renier Palland, InstaGod Podcast

The indie podcast community really understands and appreciates the opportunity that you and your team are giving us. It’s really been a great experience. And just speaking for our show, we’d just like to say thank you.
— Dominic Ficarrotta, The Untrained Eye Podcast

Best App Ever! I am fairly new to how podcasting works as a host and before finding Podcoin struggled with growing my audience. In 24 hours I’ve gotten over 300+ listeners and 50 new subscribers! Holy Moly. Batman! Best decision ever was claiming my pod on Podcoin! Oh and the analytics are the Bomb Dot Com! Thank you Podcoin!
— Tammy Loftis, Life Awakening Podcast

Really, really interesting idea… And thank you for the nice bump in downloads - the promotion is working very effectively, and I love that people are going back and listening to earlier content.
— Maya Middlemiss, Crypto Confidence Podcast

I claimed my podcast Tony’s Tea Corner on Friday and saw great results by Sunday. My listening had grown 50+ hours, and I was able to see who listened to my podcast and for how long! Since iTunes doesn’t provide us with this information, I was so excited to be in the loop on my listeners and how many hours they were dedication to Tony’s Tea Corner.
— Anthony Marc, Tony's Tea Corner Podcast

My listens jumped through the roof today.
— Marc Ritorto, Marc the Shark MMA Show Podcast

We had an even bigger spike than last episode thanks to Podcoin. In fact, it helped us shatter our single day and episode totals. We find tons of value with the app and are passing along the good word as much as possible.
— Taylor, Sensible People Podcast

As an indie podcaster, our biggest challenge is spreading the word and gaining listenership. An app like this provides listener incentive and it’s brilliant! We are incredibly grateful.
— Jason Galbraith, Jason & Mindy Podcast

I love that you sent that survey out to creators personally. It shows that Podcoin is super committed to creating the best experience not only for listeners, but the creators as well.
— Smark to Death Podcast